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Anonymous asked:

would you have any idea where i would have heard that Micky once built a helicopter in his garage? I cannot for the life of me remember if I heard this in an episode commentary or something or if I just dreamt it... hahaha thank you!



You’re not going mad, although it wasn’t a helicopter Micky built - it was a gyrocopter.

"Over the years, I’ve always had a shop, full-blown, a woodworking and metal shop. I built a gyrocopter in the ’60s when I was doing the Monkees — a real one, a real flying machine — and hang gliders.”  (X)

That was Micky talking to the Huffington Post last year, but there were plenty of mentions of Micky’s gyrocopter in teen mags in the 60s and he also mentions it in his autobiography.

Here’s some cute pics of Micky with his flying machine, BLESS HIM.



So there you have it!

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